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If you found signs of water in any part of your Hollywood home or business where it should not be present, act now and call us today for immediate response by our Hollywood mold remediation, water damage cleanup - repair and restoration services.

Licenced & Insured mold remediation & water damage restoration specialists in Hollywood

Your local Hollywood technicians are licenced and insured to deal with any mold remediation and water damage restoration work.

Your first call to Hollywood mold remediation & water damage restoration is to schedule a consultation and learn what will be needed to set things right again. Damage and deterioration can start immediately after water enters the home, impacting not just the structural integrity of your home, but also plumbing, electrical, furnishings and contents. The reason why we say contact us now and don’t delay is simple; the sooner you get the water and moisture removed and begin the drying-out project, the better you contain the damage.

We at Hollywood mold removal offer free no obligation estimates, including your insurance company by offering competitive quotes to keep claim costs as low as we can without compromise on quality of material and workmanship. Our goal is to restore to perfection both your property to a perfect condition and to offer your insurance company peace of mind, through timely mitigation and adherence to highest standards. The results are lower claims costs, satisfied customers – we win a new recommendation by one more happy and satisfied customer.

Are we certified?

All our Hollywood employees are certified and insured to carry any job relating to water damage & mold remediation. Please contact us for further information and certificates.

Immediate mold clean-up and restoration are needed to prevent the growth of mold. Our services in Hollywood attack the source of mold, which is moisture or standing water. When you call us, we take measures to prevent the growth of mold so it doesn’t become an issue to your home or business and of course to your insurance company.

Whatever the cause our Hollywood specialist can handle any water damage from small water leak to any size disaster.

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